About Us

Theunissen Thatching is a well established thatching company working mostly in and around the Boland and Western Cape area. Since 1996, our head offices have been located in Stellenbosch. Through innovation, technical excellence and a sheer drive for perfection, we create the ultimate mix of spontaneous development, high quality thatching and optimal exploitation of the surrounding environment.

Many tenders have been attended as far afield as the Transkei, although most of our re-thatching work has been done on historic houses in the Stellenbosch area. In 1998 we were awarded the tenders for the Stellenbosch Municipality as well as the Winelands District Council for all their thatch roofs. During this time we were also in charge of re-thatching the Burger House, the head office of “Historic Houses”.

We’re also very well known for the thirteen thatched roofs we completed at Delta Crest, a beautiful development near Franchhoek, and off course the 6 houses at Kenntner Development in Wilderness.

We specialise in everything from thatched roofs to lapas and even umbrellas and all projects undertaken are well supervised with very reliable staff. We have over 20 years related experience in the thatching field, both corporate and domestic.

The owner of Theunissen Thatching has a National Diploma in Civil Engineering and spent 15 years in the engineering field before embarking on the thatching field. At first he worked as a manager for another thatching company, but soon thereafter realized his own potential and started his own company. Consequently Theunissen Thatching was born.

Choose Theunissen Thatching

Attractive thatching takes time and a great deal of attention to detail. The necessary steps need to be taken when choosing the right thatching materials and executing appropriate construction techniques. But how does one really value a thatched roof? The truth is that no industry standard or specification exists which addresses the design, materials or workmanship aspects of thatched roof construction. Not only does this make every project unique, but it also becomes imperative for you to hire an exceptionally proficient thatching company capable of delivering the highest quality of services.

This is where Theunissen Thatching stands out from the rest. The vast amount of experience gained over the years has guided us to providing services that would best meet our client requirements. We know it all when it comes to good thatching practice and pride ourselves in being one of the leading thatching companies in the country. We strive to set the highest standards and make our clients aware of important factors involving thatched roofs and the thatching process. Appropriate measures are always taken and thatched roofs are treated especially to ensure a minimum risk environment and eventually guarantee a longer life span. Because of our commitment to perfection our thatched roofs has proven highly satisfactory for both domestic and corporate applications throughout the country.